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Compact Neck Massager

Compact Neck Massager

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  • Ultimate Relaxation: Experience profound relaxation with the Jeopace MINI Neck Massager.
  • Patented 5D Massage Heads: Enjoy an all-round massage experience for your neck, trapezius, and shoulders.
  • "4+2" Design: Target larger areas for maximum relief with the innovative design.
  • Soft Silicon Rubber Heads: Gentle on the skin, unlike metal heads, providing a soothing touch.
  • Back Neck Massager with Heat: Pamper yourself with the added comfort of heat during your massage.
  • Ergonomic Design: Inspired by professional therapists, the design targets deep tissues, easing muscle fatigue.
  • Two Heat Settings (104/111): Choose your preferred level of warmth for sore shoulders, neck, and back to further relieve your discomfort. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to prevent overheating while you doze off during relaxation.
  • Lightweight and Wearable: Perfect for home or office use, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Long-lasting Lithium Battery: The neck massager is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so there's no need to plug it in when you use it. Enjoy up to 70-80 minutes of relaxing massage on a single charge! Let you enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere, no longer bound by wires.
  • Easy Maintenance: Detachable cloth cover allows for easy cleaning of massage heads.
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